Nothing gets done by itself. Least of all socially responsible work.

The Socially Responsible Employer certificate was developed by Ekvilib Institute. It was introduced to Slovenian  business community and Slovenian market in February 2020, its main purpose being to provide organizations with a standardized framework for strategic management of social responsibility. An overview of the certificate is available in our certificate presentation, while a more detailed discussion of its structure and effects can be found in our final publication.


What is the Socially Responsible Employer certificate?

The Socially Responsible Employer certificate is a new certificate based on the principles and essential content of the ISO 26000 Standard on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Its purpose and aim is to improve socially responsible management in organizations and companies in Slovenia in relation to employees. Obtaining the certificate is an auditing and advisory-analytical process that has the function of assessing and advising employers on what tools to use for better management in the field of employees with an emphasis on four areas of the certificate.

What are the areas of the certificate?

  • Integrated addressing of social responsibility.
  • Coordinating professional, family and private life.
  • Intergenerational cooperation.
  • The importance of health at work.

A company can opt for one of the four certificate areas or for the certification of all four areas, with which it acquires the umbrella certificate the Socially Responsible Employer.

What are the positive effects of the certificate?

  • Recruiting and retaining the best staff.
  • Increased reputation in the general and professional public.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased employee productivity and increased motivation for work.
  • Raising the share of intergenerational cooperation.
  • Improved organizational climate or work environment.
  • Reduction of fluctuation and sick leave.

What are the steps to obtaining the certificate?

  • Analysing the situation with the responsible persons in the organization and identifying the gaps.
  • Strategic discussion with the management, analysis of the situation with the stakeholder panel and proposal of measures.
  • Preparation of an implementation plan for carrying out the selected measures and implementation of essential measures.
  • Obtaining the Accession Certificate.
  • Implementing the activities and progressing to the Advanced Certificate.

For whom is the certificate intended?

The certificate is intended for all companies and organizations that are registered and established in the Republic of Slovenia and have more than 5 employees, regardless of the industry they operate in.

How many levels does the certificate have?

The certificate has two levels: the Accession and Advanced Certificate. The Advanced Certificate is further divided into three levels: Advanced 1, 2 and 3.

What are the costs of the certificate?

Accession Certificate: € 4,600 –7,800 + VAT
Advanced Certificate: € 4,100 + VAT

More information

For more information about the certificate the project leader Gašper Zakrajšek can be contacted at

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